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Welcome to the Islamic Community Centre of Milton

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Prayer Timings - 15 Jul. (09 Muharram)
Adhaan04:09 AM05:52 AM01:26 PM06:41 PM08:59 PM10:40 PM
Iqamah05:00 AM01:40 PM07:00 PM09:04 PM10:45 PM
Jumua Timings
First Prayer01:15 PM
Second Prayer02:30 PM
Third Prayer03:30 PM

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Give during the blessed days of Dhull Hijjah. Sponsor a Musallah in new ICCM Masjid. We need 1000 sponsors. Please click the flyer or button below to donate.

Please contact iccm.donations@icna.ca for sponsoring a musallah in installments.

Breaking News:

New Masjid and Youth Center Site Plan Approval

Alhamdulillah, after months of dedicated efforts and perseverance, we are thrilled to announce that the town of Milton has approved our site plan application! This is a significant milestone in our journey towards establishing a new Islamic community center that will serve as a beacon of faith, education, and fellowship for all.

Our new facility will encompass a multitude of essential amenities, including:

  • A spacious mosque spanning approximately 7,000 square feet, featuring a separate prayer area for sisters.
  • A funeral facility to cater to the needs of our community.
  • A fully-equipped gymnasium promoting physical fitness and well-being.
  • A medium-sized community hall available for rent, ideal for weddings, celebrations, and various events.
  • Versatile conference rooms and classrooms to facilitate educational and organizational activities.
  • A dedicated library and Senior’s training center to promote lifelong learning and community engagement.
  • The existing building will be transformed into a vibrant youth center, nurturing the next generation of leaders and scholars.

The estimated cost of this ambitious project is 10 million dollars. However, our immediate focus is on raising 2 Million Dollars to cover the building permit fees and kickstart construction this year, InShaAllah. Please click on button below to Donate for this noble cause.

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Programs & Events

ICCM Eid Festival


ICCM EIDFest is just couple of days away. Please join with your families and friends for a day filled with lots of fun and food. Please note that ICCM EIDFest is completely organized by our young fellas @ ICCM. Please join to appreciate their efforts and experience a day filled with joyful activities for the whole family

Young Muslims Conference

Ask a Scholar




Young Muslims Academy


Qur’an Memorization School